It always amazed me how one photograph takes one instant out of time and holds it still for us to cherish forever. 
Hi, I am Rusho, a self- taught photographer based in Virginia. Since I was a child, I have seen my sister took photographs of everyday moments and small happenings in our life, and assembled the photos chronologically into albums. The album makes up bits and pieces of my family’s life story, and tell a bit about who we are, from our perspective. I got inspiration from the collection of photos which I have been seeing since my childhood. Since I moved to New York, my life changed. I started photography with a Point and shoot camera, and began my journey.   
I am always a devoted learner as photography is a continuous learning process which changes with time and new technologies. Working on several genres in photography allows me to explore more about new creativities while documenting significant moments. I describe my photography as honest, sincere and intimate, a passion and a journey I love most. 
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